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My Worldcon schedule

My Worldcon Schedule

Thu 11:00 (A04) 1 hr
The Psychogeography of Ideals
- a serious intellectual one to get things started. And I'm on it with Cory Doctorow and Ian McDonald. I might be a little bit intimidated by this one.

Thu 13:00 (D04) 1 hr
The Moral Aesthetics of Steampunk
- slightly less intimidated by this one, should cover similar territory to the panel I did at Continuum.

Thu 17:00 (A03) 1 hr
The Works of Tim Powers
- I love Tim and his works.

Sat 14:00 (Hall 2 Fan Lounge) 1 hr
TAFF/DUFF Delegates Reception
- come and be sociable! John Coxon (TAFF) is a charming and funny guy, this should be fun.

Sat 15:00 (Hall 2 Stage) 2 hrs
Fan Fund Auction
- I have brought a bunch of stuff to auction.

Sat Night - I'm presenting a Hugo!
And then I'm going to the Hugo Losers party!
I'll be at the Pre-Hugo reception at 6pm

Sun 12:00 (A18) 1 hr
Whatever Happened to Cyberpunk? (Oh Wait, it is Still with Us...)
- one of my favourite topics

Sun 13:00 (A03) 1 hr
Computer War and Cyber Forensics: Stuxnet: Cyberwar and Cyber Terrorism?
- there are some good people on this. I'll be bringing my experience from Electronic Frontiers Australia, and my experience from the ICANN Security, Stability and Resiliency Review Team.

Sun 14:00 (A18) 1 hr
Off to Burning Man
- we'll be enthusing about that thing in the desert that often clashes with Worldcon (but not this one). I'll also be talking a bit about the Burning Man regional network, and the Australian Burn.

Still hoping if a room opens up, I'd like to do my crazy Real Occultists Using Fictional Magic talk, as previously seen at Aussiecon, but it needs a room and a projector, and these are apparently in short supply.
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