strangedave (strangedave) wrote,

Gillard and Rudd - thoughts for the future

I have a hope for Julia Gillard that she has the potential to be like Keating without the baggage and the bad timing. Competence, some wit and flair, and maybe a couple of big stands on some issues once she has won an election. She is witty and self-assured. Of course, she is currently very hemmed in on a lot of policy issues, and we won't see a lot of changes prior to the election, but lets hope she opens up a bit afterwards.
And I hope that post election, Kevin Rudd can become the new Gareth Evans. There isn't anywhere to go but down in Australian politics for him now, but it would be nice to see his talents used. He is often compassionate and passionate, smart and articulate. He turned out to be not great at a lot of things required of a national leader, but there is a lot to like about him. And foreign affairs is a great position for a talented and ambitious politician who can go no further domestically, opening up as it does many later opportunities on the world stage. I'd like to see Rudd represent Australia internationally, he is not just able and informed, but we might get to hear him call the Chinese ratfuckers again.
I love Keating! - The Musical. I've seen it twice, and doctor_k_ and I have the soundtrack and listen to it all the time. Probably unintelligible to those not having lived through Australian politics in the 90s, but captures the drama and big personalities of that memorable era brilliantly. I think the Tony vs Julia showdown is going to have plenty of that same sense of drama.
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