strangedave (strangedave) wrote,

City music

Bruce Sterling (via Chris Arkenberg at boingboing) tells us why to think about cities (which I have been), and gives us his personal urban soundtrack (Ladytron). Here are some parts of my own personal urban soundtrack.

New York, I Love You but You're Bringing Me Down, LCD Soundsystem
Dirty Old Town, The Pogues
Mmm... Skyscraper I Love You, Underworld
The Only Living Boy in New Cross, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
I'll take New York, Tom Waits
Property is Condemned, The Triffids

Interesting it has two songs about New York, which I've only visited for a couple of weeks a decade ago. New York is one of the great archetypes of the city.
Broght Light, Big City a better choice on pure title/lyrics for Triffids track, but Property Is Condemned is a better song, and its powerful central metaphor both works for me personally and suits the theme.
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