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DUFF Apr. 26th, 2013 @ 04:22 am
The DUFF ballot is now available. This years DUFF race is between Bill Wright, and Clare McDonald-Sims. PDF and RTF versions of the ballot are available - if you use the RTF version, please alter the last line to include your name rather than mine. The deadline for voting is June 10.

DUFF Ballot in PDF

DUFF Ballot in RTF

How to Vote Mar. 9th, 2013 @ 12:34 am
As we have an election tomorrow here…

I'm tired of the same 'how can you possibly vote for Gillard/Obama/flawed mainstream not-that-progressive party' arguments that I see again and again from passionate political friends (or the alternative 'why vote at all you are just supporting the evil system'). Many of you reading probably understand all this fine, but I feel the need to rant, so indulge me.
How to vote:

Understand that choosing the lesser evil of two evils is usually fundamental to voting. Not evil at all is seldom on the menu. And once it has got to the ballot stage, there probably isn't much you can do about it.
If you live in in a jurisdiction that has preferential, or optional preferential, voting (e.g. Australia) you should vote for the parties in order of preference, putting the ones you like the most at the top. But you should realistically assess which parties actually have a significant chance of winning, and the order you number those parties in probably makes more difference than anything else about your vote, so consider it carefully, even though you may dislike them all. .
If you live in a jurisdiction that has first past the post voting (e.g. US, UK, etc) you have my condolences for your poorly designed democracy. You should probably ignore the parties that you like, but that have no chance of winning at all. You should probably choose which among the parties that have a realistic chance of winning you hate the least, and vote for them.
And here is the important part, the crucial part. Realise that voting is about 1 hour, very roughly 1 day in a 1000 (may be up to roughly 1 in 1500). So, voting takes up very roughly about 0.01% of your time. And voting is a pretty effective form of political activity in terms of how to spend those few minutes every few years. If you are disappointed in having to choose between evil and eviler on the ballot, or annoyed that the act of voting gives you a very limited amount of engagement with the political system, recognise that you are free to engage with the political system in other ways in the remaining 99.99% of so of your life.
You can join a lobby group!. You can start a lobby group, or a campaign! You can join a political party, and campaign within it for better policies and better representatives! Write about issues in social media! Talk to people!

Addenum: If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has a voting system like Hare-Clark or other such sophisticated alternative, you are probably going to have to research individual candidates in some detail, and it is particularly worth your time to look at major party candidates that are not getting a huge amount of promotion from their party. And if you are voting in a multiple position/multiple candidate election (e.g. the Australian Senate or most Upper Houses) you should definitely put some thought into voting for relatively minor parties, because the preference system often throws up something unexpected for the last position on the ballot (e/g/ the DLP in the 21st century), and very few of the parties can be trusted to make sensible decisions. So it is worth having some idea who all those minor guys way down on the ballot are. Hope you enjoy it!

Where was Dave in 2012? Jan. 29th, 2013 @ 06:02 pm
Places where I spent at least one night away from home in 2012:
Perth, Western Australia (a few different places)
San Jose, Costa Rica (two different hotels)
Prague, Czech Republic
Vienna, Austria (hotel)
Rottnest Island
Sydney, NSW (at least 2 different houses, one hotel)
Melbourne, VIC (at least 2 different houses, and a couple of hotels)
"Red Earth City", Matong State Forest, NSW
Toronto, Canada (one hotel, one house)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Margaret River (a couple of different places, two separate trips)
Adelaide, SA
Canberra, ACT

FFANZ ballot Apr. 11th, 2012 @ 07:22 pm
I've released the 2012 FFANZ ballot.

Vote to send Edwina Harvey to the 2012 New Zealand Natcon! (or not, I guess)

The ballot form is attached below, or you can vote via email to Voting requires a minimum donation of $5.

PDF Ballot

FFANZ Mar. 2nd, 2012 @ 07:34 am
I've received precisely no contact from anyone interested in running for FFANZ. I'm extending the eligibility period for a week.
Other entries
» 2012 FFANZ race now open
FFANZ 2012

Nominations are now open for the 2012 Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ). FFANZ in 2012 will send one Australian science fiction fan from Australia to the 2012 New Zealand Natcon, unCONventional, in Auckland from 1-4 June.

Prospective candidates will have until March 1st 2012 to file the documents required to have one’s name placed in nomination and added to the ballot. The ballots will be published and distributed in early March, and voting will run from March 12-April 9th.

Candidates should file the following documents:

• A brief letter stating one’s intent to run for FFANZ 2012.
• A nominator and a seconder, preferably a nominator from Australia and a seconder from New Zealand.
• A 100 word or less platform statement specifying the candidate’s reasons for running and qualifications for becoming the 2012 FFANZ delegate.

Interested parties should contact the Australian administrator, David Cake, at

The duties of the winning candidate will be as follows:

• Travel to New Zealand and attend unCONventional, the 33rd New Zealand Natcon, in Auckland from 1-4 June 2012 .
• Visit and get to know as many New Zealand Science Fiction fans as time will permit.
• Become the Australian FFANZ administrator until a replacement administrator is found, normally this happens when the administrator role is handed over to the succeeding eastbound delegate (in 2014 if a race is run every year).
• Raise funds and maintain an account to be used by the next eastbound delegate(s) in 2012.
• Promote connections between Australian and New Zealand fandom by a trip report or other means.

Please feel free to distribute this message to your fannish networks.
» 10 Apps
Months ago, a few people where listing the 10 apps they usually had open. I finally got around to it.

BBEdit - every geek needs a great text editor, and exactly which one people use is a very personal choice, but that tends to display ones personal geek history. BBEdit pretty clearly marks me as 'old school Mac guy'. FWIW, I'm definitely a vi not an emacs guy, but have never felt inclined to use vi when I have the choice of an editor with a real GUI.
I find being able to edit files on remote servers directly via SFTP is something essential to my normal workflow.

iTerm - every geek needs terminal access. I prefer iTerm to the built in Terminal. Actually, iTerm 2.

Echofon - desktop twitter client of choice. I'm always surprised whenever I discover anyone that regularly uses twitter via the web interface. I've tried about half a dozen desktop twitter clients, and seem to have settled on Echofon for now. I use Tweetbot on the phone, I actually like that even more. I tweet from more than one account, so that is an important feature for me.

Google Chrome - Safari comes across as a bit bloated to me. I'm pretty bad at closing tabs, so Safari eats memory fast. I'll probably switch browsers back eventually, though, Safari has a few features I really like (like easily enabling me to open a PDF in a suitable other app). I also use Firefox.

Preview - I find myself looking at PDF docs all the time, for both work and hobbies. I seem to be using Skim - a PDF viewer designed for annotation etc - more and more, and it may well end up replacing Preview for most PDF docs.

Word - I've found working in Universities in which everyone uses Word makes it so much easier than alternatives, despite it not being my favourite word processor. So it is always open.

Scrivener - going to be my tool of choice for serious writing from now on, I think. This is an amazing tool for writing complicated documents, the sort of document I previously would have started in an outliner. Still a bit unsure about reference manager integration, but otherwise amazing.

Skype - I'm involved with at least a couple of groups that seem to have settled on Skype as a regular communications tool, particularly the Burning Man Australia crew and ICANN NCUC gang, plus some friends that use it as preferred IM, so I keep it open most of the time. I don't think I have used its video features ever, but I use both IM and voice chat regularly.

Mail - I finally made the big shift to Apple Mail. Now I've shifted, I'm unlikely to shift again for a really long time, unless someone designs a good IMAP mail client for people that receive massive amounts of mail on multiple mailing lists and multiple accounts and need to filter it all. At the moment, I'm also reading one email account through Sparrow as an experiment, but the rest are all through Mail. I'm experimenting with some add-ons, but not really satisfied.

Powerpoint - I lecture, and I like to lecture with slides, and that usually means Powerpoint. I prefer Keynote if I can, and I've used Prezi and think it is pretty cool, but Powerpoint is the bread and butter choice, because the machines I lecture on have Powerpoint installed, so it is just easier.
» Travel Meme
Places where I spent at least one night away from home in 2011:
San Francisco, California, USA (two different hotels)
Singapore (three different hotels)
Seattle, Washington, USA (Kent to be specific)
A highway rest stop in Oregon, USA
Reno, Nevada, USA (two different hotels, a couple of weeks apart)
Austin, Texas, USA
Black Rock City (Burning Man Festival), Nevada USA
Mountain View, California, USA
Toronto, Canada
Huntsvilla, Alabama, USA
Los Angeles, California
Dakkar, Senegal
Auckland, New Zealand (two different hotels)
Taupo, New Zealand
B&B near Koramandel, New Zealand
"Red Earth City" (Australian Burning Man/Burning Seed), Matong State Forest, New South Wales, Australia
Rutherglen, New South Wales, Australia
Melbourne, Australia (three different hotels at various times during the year)
Rottnest Island, Western Australia
Cervantes, Western Australia
» My Worldcon schedule
My Worldcon Schedule

Thu 11:00 (A04) 1 hr
The Psychogeography of Ideals
- a serious intellectual one to get things started. And I'm on it with Cory Doctorow and Ian McDonald. I might be a little bit intimidated by this one.

Thu 13:00 (D04) 1 hr
The Moral Aesthetics of Steampunk
- slightly less intimidated by this one, should cover similar territory to the panel I did at Continuum.

Thu 17:00 (A03) 1 hr
The Works of Tim Powers
- I love Tim and his works.

Sat 14:00 (Hall 2 Fan Lounge) 1 hr
TAFF/DUFF Delegates Reception
- come and be sociable! John Coxon (TAFF) is a charming and funny guy, this should be fun.

Sat 15:00 (Hall 2 Stage) 2 hrs
Fan Fund Auction
- I have brought a bunch of stuff to auction.

Sat Night - I'm presenting a Hugo!
And then I'm going to the Hugo Losers party!
I'll be at the Pre-Hugo reception at 6pm

Sun 12:00 (A18) 1 hr
Whatever Happened to Cyberpunk? (Oh Wait, it is Still with Us...)
- one of my favourite topics

Sun 13:00 (A03) 1 hr
Computer War and Cyber Forensics: Stuxnet: Cyberwar and Cyber Terrorism?
- there are some good people on this. I'll be bringing my experience from Electronic Frontiers Australia, and my experience from the ICANN Security, Stability and Resiliency Review Team.

Sun 14:00 (A18) 1 hr
Off to Burning Man
- we'll be enthusing about that thing in the desert that often clashes with Worldcon (but not this one). I'll also be talking a bit about the Burning Man regional network, and the Australian Burn.

Still hoping if a room opens up, I'd like to do my crazy Real Occultists Using Fictional Magic talk, as previously seen at Aussiecon, but it needs a room and a projector, and these are apparently in short supply.
» (No Subject)
Last couple of days to vote for DUFF, the Down Under Fan Fund. I am a candidate. Voting closes on the 31st. Send in a ballot right now!
Am I a good candidate? Don't take my word for it, ask my nominators!
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